March 2021: Market Notes

3 quick points on what you should know about the Tech Selloff

The broad stock market drop this past week is being fueled by a selloff in high-flying technology stocks that gained the most during the Covid-19 Pandemic over the past year. …

Context: The Retail Investor Landscape

An Unparalleled Wealth Generating Machine

The US Stock Market, 1980s-Present:

Over the past 40 years the US Stock Market has generated wealth on a scale unlike anything else before it. For instance, imagine the scenario in which you had invested $1 in the Wilshire 5000 (All US Equities) at the start of 1980. By January…

2020: What Just Happened? — Outlook

What to Watch for in the 2021 Stock Market

Disclosure: We at Tragen are not Registered Investment Advisors, and what we express below should not be interpreted as financial advice. All opinions are solely our own with rights reserved.

How Do We Recover?

If you’ve made it this far in the series, congrats. 👏

It was a lot to get through— hopefully you…

2020: What Just Happened? Pt. 3

COVID-19 and the Big Tech Swoosh

Part of the series: 2020: What Just Happened? A Stock Market Untethered

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted all companies’ operations in ways unique to their own: for some, to their benefit; and, for many, to their detriment. Government mandated “Shelter-in-Place” have restricted in person businesses, making…

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